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Our Origin Story

The Not So Gentle Tea Company was started for everyone who loves strong, bold flavors but who’s never had a tea that scratches that itch. We’re part of a unique tribe of people with bold palettes, who know what we love and won’t apologize for it. And the countless floral, fruity, and cotton-candied blends on the market today….just aint our cup tea.

We’re four friends from Vancouver, Canada, who spent countless nights researching, testing, and arguing in the lab to craft three unique blends that will give you a good kick-in-the-ass any time of the day.

Our Flagship Blends

Our Commitment

Our tea is ethically sourced, our boxes are made from recycled paper, and our tea bags are biodegradable, because we are gentle when it comes to our impact on the planet.

our reviews

Nano Hawa reviewed Not So Gentle Tea Co — 5 stars  May 19 · 

I left a thermos of Blacksmith Tea in my car overnight and when I went to open my car in the morning it had rebuilt my car into a tank and set up an offshore bitcoin mining operation while simultaneously getting three women pregnant. I would have given 4 stars for all of the inconvenience, but my tea packaging punched me in the face and told me to stop being such a p#$$y. All in all, I would drink again.

Mike Cohen reviewed Not So Gentle Tea Co — 5 stars  February 10 · 

Wow. This tea reminded me of the time my dad took me shooting, sky diving and taught me how to build a log cabin all in one day. It made the memories of such an epic bonding moment between father and son feel like it was happening right in front of me one more time. I finished my cup only to remember that I had never known my father and my small bag of steeped ambrosia was the next best thing.

Clare Venner reviewed Not So Gentle Tea Co — 5 stars  January 9 · 

After the tea box set i ordered for my boyfriend arrived, he discovered he now had the ability to predict the future by reading the tea leaves. In the past week he made $74,132 gambling on horse racing, scored 99% or higher on 2 final exams and found 3 sick parking spots while we were out picking up Wendy's. I believe in the power of the tea.